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Stage 1 Enhancements

Our stage 1 enhancement is a service that is aimed at newer cars between new and 2 years old, this service is to restore and maintain the new look of the vehicle and protect it ensuring a lasting look with safe washes you can maintain this look for months. We offer a wide range of services from paint protection, alloy wheel treatment, interior treatments, glass treatments, and engine bay treatments. With every vehicle to be detailed, Richard will consult with you to tailor the detailing package directly to yourself ensuring your vehicle receives the best service from start to finish to really give it that optimal finish that gives off the wow factor.

Pricing is bespoke and carried out to each customers specifications, but packages for Enhancements start at £275


  • Wheels Cleaned including faces, inner barrels and behind the spokes
  • Citrus pre-wash applied to vehicle
  • Two bucket safe wash
  • Full decontamination of the body from Iron Fallout and Tar
  • Clay decontamination process to remove any further contamination
  • Rinse down and dried using a blow drying system
  • Blow dry performed on the wheels and hard to reach areas to remove remaining water
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Stage 2 Enhancements

Our stage 2 enhancement is for cars that are older than 2 years, every vehicle has its own individual requirements especially for vehicles a little bit older. We again have to tailor the specialist detail package that meets the requirements of the vehicle from paint protection and ceramic coatings Richard is on hand to provide you with all the information you require while tailoring a package to suit. Our aim is to provide quality protection to your vehicle and restoring it back to showroom quality, our services offer a depth of protection and lasting quality which is able to be maintained with our safe wash which enhances the duration of the coatings.


  • Everything from the stage 1 enhancement
  • Single-stage enhancement carried out by machine polishing
  • 2 stage enhancement carried out by machine polishing

Stage 3 Enhancements

Stage 3 enhancements are tailored to cars that suffer from heavily swirled and scratched paintwork including chips from driving. Richard specialises in all aspects of detailing and is able to assess a vehicle and the services required to restore the paintwork, we use a range of GYEON products to enhance the services we offer. With all our extensive detailing services we take care and pay attention to detail on all vehicles we work on to go above and beyond what our clients expect, We take great pride in all services that we offer and strive to provide a wow factor when the vehicle has been completed.


  • Everything from the stage 1 enhancement
  • Multiple stage carried out by machine polishing
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